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New series by Robert Marnika



Transcendence, is the most recent photographic series by JOHN BODIN, a multi-award finalist.
The open road has long captured our imagination and desire to search for perceived freedom. The winding ‘black snake’ road serves as a conduit for our endless pursuit to be somewhere else other than where we are. The On the Road series attempts to expose the, at times, uncomfortably dark relationship between contentment and escapism. John Bodin, 2011
Urban Edge
Urban Edge continues on from the 2006 Urban Abstraction exhibition at ATG by introducing contrasting elements and structure from the natural world alongside stark semi-abstracted urban scapes. Whilst we may at first perceive these as opposing forces, I contend that the integration is more harmonious than we think.
This is the beginning of a series of images commenting on sharply contrasting oppositions juxtaposed in a balanced or paralleled phase. My interest in philosophy has taught me that within this equilibrium lies the recognition that every judgement carries with it divisive self-imposed limitations. Antithesis is an attempt to address the prejudice of jaded perception by re-writing a new vision, confirming that harmony and true beauty can exist even when viewed from an opposite point of view.
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Latest photographic series and limited edition book by Jenny Bolis.
All of these flowers are indigenous to parts of Australia, where the flowers are often unobserved in their specific habitats. These 'dark flowers' hover in a space that is temporal, unnatural yet filled with life. [excerpt from 'Dark Flowers' by Megg Minos]
Sometimes silence can be loud indeed. In this exquisite and intimate [exhibition] Jenny Bolis creates a series of enticing narratives that will draw the viewer into her world. It is a place of contemplation and pause, a place that suggests the moment before sound, before dance and perhaps moments before unforeseen drama and hints of foreboding. - Ashley Crawford, 2010
This book of photographs is wrapped with an image of eucalyptus trees, animated by the last traces of daylight and shadow. A strange flatness between its foreground and background gives the effect of squinting into a View-Master, with its overarching sense of filmic nostalgia.
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GABRIELLE COURTENAY creates a series of paintings and prints laden with symbols and references of exploration and navigation.
In her exhibition Colliding Worlds, Gabrielle Courtenay stage-manages a sensitive balance between sensuality, intellect and emotion. She draws the viewer in close to her shaped canvases, some round and arranged in clusters, as if to inveigle us on a treasure hunt.
Standing alone on the edge of a line of hills facing a sunken desert basin, buffeted by harsh winds, I questioned the power of abstraction to address the environmental issues of our time. This series of work, questions our place and context within an ancient environment.
Standing alone on the edge of a line of hills facing a sunken desert basin, buffeted by harsh winds, I questioned the power of abstraction to address the environmental issues of our time. This series of work, questions our place and context within an ancient environment.
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There is an unmistakable familiarity in Matthew de Moiser's spare yet arresting suburban landscapes. It's not just the generic familiarity of the places depicted or the spirit of Drysdale, Arkley and Smart that the work evokes.
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Over the last three decades Gippsland-based couple HENDRIK FORSTER + KERRYN FORSTER have become established as two of Australia's leading metalwork artists.
A house is a building or structure lived in by people. It generally has walls and a roof to shelter its enclosed space from precipitation, wind, heat, cold, and other elements. The social unit that lives in a house is known as a household. Most commonly, a household is a family.
The sculptures in this exhibition combine the interaction of simple geometry and the female form. The forms are minimal, abstracted and reduced to their essence containing a stillness, balance and harmony. The centre of gravity is contained within the form, expressing introspection and quiet, which is emphasised by the natural richness of rust and patina in the surface texture and colour.
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Over the last three decades Gippsland-based couple HENDRIK FORSTER + KERRYN FORSTER have become established as two of Australia's leading metalwork artists.
In the exhibition Found + Fabricated Kerryn Forster has produced a collection of interior sculptures. Trained as a gold and silversmith with a second major in sculpture the works are assembled with the care accorded to precious materials and the attention to detail that a practicing gold and silversmith develops over a twenty year span.
The work created for this exhibition follows a period of change. Change of environment over an extended period of travel largely through rural Australia and the relocation of home and studio. The travel provided the opportunity to collect new material in found objects and experiences. With the physical changes behind and the new studio a joy to work in, my process of making objects builds on my previous work, hence the title ‘Found and Fabricated II.
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My paintings from a distance look almost blank, just fields of subtle colour, but as you come closer the apparent emptiness is revealed to be layers of webs, translucence and possibilities.
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There is something about abandoned places that is very intriguing. A place that was once a centerpiece in a few people's lives, is now all but forgotten.
In “Natural Order” I sculpt and paint natural elements to reveal order in a wide and overlooked landscape. My inspiration stems from the “temporary nature of man made materials” and the overpowering force of nature itself.
Each piece emphasizes the power of natural form and the permanent predicament of the man-made. In my new series, I reinforce this theme by using natural elements as building materials to create works of man- made order.
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AT_SALON presents new large-scale abstract paintings by Tasmanian artist DAVID HAWLEY
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This collection of artworks is derived from imagined conversations that I have overheard, participated in and evalutated with artists who have been influential in my art practice.
This body of work is largely developed from my contemplation on time: how it shapes and defines our lives from the moment to moment, day to day, right through to time and space relationships and how irrespective of who we are we are all linked to a sort of continuum.
The wire sculptures are largely process-based works. The works were originally inspired by the play of light on water that you enjoy in the quietness of underwater swimming. The loose grid structures are a representation of light when refracted through moving water. The translation from such fluid beginnings into steel is in some ways problematic, however the material enables depth in the works, allowing me to work in relief as well as ‘in the round’.
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TED LINCOLN [USA] new work
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New sculptural work by ATG artists SIMON LLOYD, continuing his investigation into both line and form.
This exhibition marks a departure from Lloyd’s design practice toward explorations in drawing, painting and sculpture. Material qualities and behaviours remain a strong focus through which Lloyd develops each investigation into both line and form. “It always comes back to the familiar, to the three dimensional,’ Lloyd says, ‘… a dialogue between an intention and the medium that will ultimately support and represent that idea.”
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TRACY POTTS' textile and mixed media works embrace embellishment and a plethora of unconvenitional artistic materials, from furniture upholstery and demin to candy coloured sequins and gold beading.
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New aerial photographic work as featured recently at the Horsham Regional Art Gallery.
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RATAJ's works examine the capacity of language to both mask and to reveal the objects it names, the arbitrary significance of naming, and language as a structure that largely determines the way we think, feel and see.
The Morphology of Forgetting explores the organic shifts in human condition, memory and grief. Rataj uses 2D and 3D works to tangibly express intangible emotions associated with loss and the inherent desire to connect with our past.
Contemplative new works by Pamela Rataj explore the concepts of time, identity, fragility and permanence in four distinct series.
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New work by EWEN ROSS
'Territory 2005-2010' surveys the work and career of ATG artist EWEN ROSS at the Horsham Regional Art Gallery.
In these works the artist’s hand is the model for a series of shimmering, chimera-like patterned imprints, echoes, reflections, templates and coursing sequences of code – allowing us to measure one life against many generations, the transitory against the eternal, our intimate landscape against the widest horizons.
In his third exhibition with ANITA TRAVERSO GALLERY Ewen Ross’ lyrical works expose an artist whose commitment to his subject matter imbues his work with undeniable poignancy.
This current body of work carries the generic title of the green pick. It references new growth and visually symbolizes the changing seasons. I started this series in late autumn and although the Wimmera landscape is suffering serious drought the notion of the green pick is folklore in this country. Sometimes called the first pick by local farmers this transformation of the land- scape is manifestly reliant on rainfall.
My work is primarily a response to the Wimmera landscape. This is the country I grew up in and its where I live today. My simple aim is to manifest the changing nature of this landscape in my work.
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New works Element by Michelangelo Russo
Silence is sound’s afterlife.
Silence is sound’s soul.
Silence belongs to the sound that generated it.
Sound belongs to the silence that surrounds it.
The audible part of sound is physical – the vibration of matter.
Silence is emotional. We feel it.
shining diamonds - silver graphite
fossilized perfumes - black lilies
liquid scars - flora drawings
squid ink - deep oceans
queen bee - dark honey ...
Spring… flowers… bees… WAX
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The meaning of ‘landscape’ like any other word in our language is evolving over time. The American academic John Brinckerhoff Jackson observed that the first English meaning of landscape did not mean the view of it, but rather the picture of it – the artist’s interpretation.
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AT_SALON presents A Momentary Lapse of Darkness featuring installation of lights by JAMES TAPSCOTT in both photographic and sculptural forms.
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Travelling through the landscape at modern speeds can produce different sensations and visions depending where you are. Through photography one can attempt to capture this tangible world - documenting can prove to be a slippery but poetic encounter.
Commonly, the horizon is where the sky meets the sea. It ’s as far as your eyes can carry you. But a horizon is more than a physical phenomenon – it’s a state of mind. It’s where your imagi- nation begins. Beyond the horizon, there is always something more. Throughout history, we’ve been fascinated by what lies beyond the horizon.
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An exhibition of woodblock prints on rice paper by JESSI WONG, inspired by the traditional Chinese scrolls and landscape painting.
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‘Twas the night before Christmas 2006 and I was scouring Borders for presents. My father had passed away ten days earlier. On the remainders table were these ornamental reindeer. They had a bewildered look on their tiny, flocked faces as if to say, “How did it all come to this?” The weather had been hot and filthy and the smell of smoldering bushfires filtered through the air-conditioning, enough to make any critter that belonged in a snow dappled forest jittery.
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This new exhibition derives from a studio practice akin to the natural processes of growth, layering, precipitation, erosion, and deposition - events which create the natural forms and landscapes of our environment.
I am interested in the built and natural environment, history, natural forces and processes of change. The works in “Lost Topography” have come out of my preoccupation with knowing more about the places I inhabit and move around in, and thinking about how to represent these places visually.
What informs my art practice? Perhaps it’s living in an urban culture where a century of city building destroyed much of the previous landscape, where the built form is obviously ephemeral. Perhaps it’s having moved away and returned, and realising that every place is many places at different times and only one of them is now. Perhaps it’s about wanting to reinforce some strands to the thread of local stories which can so easily fray and break.
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FEATURING: Loris BUTTON | Matthew DE MOISER | Anna Fairbank | Kaye FREEMAN | Sara FREEMAN| Minka GILLIAN | Nicholas MELLEFONT
FEATURING: Nicola NEWMAN | Emme ORBACH | Christian PEARSON | Ewen ROSS | Michelangelo RUSSO | James TAPSCOTT | Onerva UTRIAINEN
FEATURING: Cameron HIBBS | Jenny BOLIS | David HAWLEY | Debbie HILL | Shannon MCGRATH | Paul SNELL | Jessi WONG
FEATURING: Amarie BERGMAN | Sara FREEMAN | Natalie MATHER | Simon LLOYD | Gordon MONRO | Tracy POTTS
Without a Shadow of a Dao examines the ancient Dao [or Tao] ideas of the metaphysical relationship between humans and the environment. Featuring 13 artists and designers working in a variety of mediums, it highlights the growing chasm between people and nature.
Without a Shadow of a Dao examines the ancient Dao [or Tao] ideas of the metaphysical relationship between humans and the environment. Featuring 13 artists and designers working in a variety of mediums, it highlights the growing chasm between people and nature.
ANITA TRAVERSO GALLERY once again proudly hosts Globelight'14, the annual light art + design festival. Curated by JAMES TAPSCOTT it features works by Australian and international artists. A group of 25 artists and designers will occupy the ANITA TRAVERSO GALLERY and the Abbotsford Convent in a dynamic event that incorporates a number of live performances and experimental film screenings.
FEATURING: Kate BRISCOE, Heather DINAS, Sara FREEMAN, Kate HENDRY, Debbie HILL, Maureen MACAULEY, Elisa MARKES-YOUNG, Ewen ROSS, Michelangelo RUSSO, Christopher YOUNG
GALLERY 2 The inaugral showcase for a new program at ANITA TRAVERSO GALLERY. Featuring: Nicola CHATHAM Mandy GUNN Lyndal HARGRAVE Ted LINCOLN Gordon MONRO Melissa POWELL Ewen ROSS Julie ROSS Jessi WONG
GALLERY 1 The inaugral showcase for a new program at ANITA TRAVERSO GALLERY. Featuring: Jenny BOLIS Anna FAIRBANK David HAWLEY Pamela RATAJ Barry THOMPSON
Globelight ’13 is an exhibition of light based art and design by Australian and International artists, curated by JAMES TAPSCOTT and SAM MITCHELL-FIN
AT_SALON presents an exhibition of new work by MANDY GUNN.
New photographic work by Shannon McGrath, departing from her practice of architecture documentation.
A selection of works by gallery artists brought together by guest curator Anna Briers.
Nine unrepresented emerging and mid-career are featured in the AT_SALON exhibition program, new to Anita Traverso Gallery in Albert Street, Richmond. This inaugural exhibition features hand-picked artists practicing over a variety of media including ceramics, textiles, drawing, painting and photography.
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