Without a Shadow of a Dao

Curated by Irina Asriian

Now showing until 20 December
“Knowing the ancient beginning is the essence of the way”
– Lao Tzu [author of Daodejing (Tao Te Ching)]    

Without a Shadow of a Dao explores the most basic of Dao (or Tao) principals that is the idea of Oneness, whereby all beings within the natural environment originally were one and understood each other through innate metaphysical bonds.  
Over time as human beings moved away from this connection to nature, an inner struggle and a loss of identity formed within humanity; the truth of those bonds and ‘the way’ was lost. Nature became something to be harvested, used and ultimately abused.   Without a Shadow of a Dao challenges the viewer to reconnect with this concept of natural harmony and to identify ‘the way’ once more. It integrates aspects of science and technology along with traditional exploration of the landscape, the body and urban growth, seeking to highlight and perhaps reconcile the chasm that humanity and ‘progress’ has created with the natural world.

This exhibition features 13 artists whose practice leads them to explore the ideas behind nature, the current state of the environment and our relationship with the animal kingdom.

F E A T U R I N G :
George ANGELOVSKI, Gabrielle COURTENAY, Anna FAIRBANK, Stefan GEVERS, Mandy GUNN, Debbie HILL, Ted LINCOLN [USA], Nicholas MELLEFONT, Gordon MONRO, Ryan PONSFORD, Janita RYAN, James TAPSCOTT and Hana VASAK 

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