Returning to the Surface

16 May until 9 June 2012
Complementing her history as a town planner, Melbourne-based artist WINSOME SPILLER presents paintings that draw upon perceptions of built and natural forms, structures and spaces, most recently referencing subterranean environs like wells and caves. This new exhibition derives from a studio practice akin to the natural processes of growth, layering, precipitation, erosion, and deposition - events which create the natural forms and landscapes of our environment.
The works in Returning to the Surface employ varying mediums and are all made as responses to natural forms and spaces; an exploration of how paint acts upon the surface of the art object – predominantly the canvas surface. Paint is transferred from one surface to another – adding, removing, adding again, layer after layer – which result in a landscape of marks and colours, of stains and gestural marks.
Even in representational works, or works which strive to represent receding space, the artist is triggering these visual sensations by working with paint on a surface. In a sense, we must always return to the surface.
To view available works from this series please make your enquiry through the contact page.