Metronomic Balance

7 - 31 October 2009
This body of work is largely developed from my contemplation on time: how it shapes and defines our lives from the moment to moment, day to day, right through to time and space relationships and how irrespective of who we are we are all linked to a sort of continuum. Central to our idea of time we hold tightly as a culture to a post-Enlightenment idea of progress being inextricably linked to its passing.

Time’s measurement: the constructs, the function of time pieces, the idea of progress and an optimism implicit in this, have all been marked points of departure for the development of this body of work. There are stylistic references to the art deco period when the machine age celebrated repetition and mechanical development, all which heralded a new concept of time and efficiency. Previously I have used a much more organic line throughout my work, however the line in this body of work is much cleaner, reminiscent of measurement, metronomic movement, compass direction, clockwork.
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