AT_SALON2 : Season 3

2015 AT_SALON2: 3 Elements

22 July - 10 October

Copper 22 Jul -15 Aug | Tin 19 Aug -12 Sept | Sodium 16 Sept - 10 Oct        

"Painting for me is about possibilities, trying out ideas, seeing where they go and what happens on the way. The great thing is never quite knowing what might happen or where you might find yourself. Through many years of designing and making objects l have developed a rich relationship with materials, from the warmth and lightness of wood to the dense richness of cast iron. Paint in many ways is no different, the particular way it might flow or gel on the surface of a canvas. Of course l have a lot to understand still but the learning process is also a very dynamic one." - Simon Lloyd 2015

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This Season... things are different! We invite you to be a critic and leave your thoughts on post it notes around the gallery walls.

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