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Anita Traverso Gallery Gift Registry


The gift of art is one that cannot be measured in usefulness or practicality. It is of a more intangible nature, unlike a toaster or a good book, enjoyment for an artwork is limitless, lasting a lifetime and even through generations. 
Unlike most other gifts that inevitably deteriorate from use and are then discarded, a work of art cannot be overused and may ultimately increase in value.

With over 20 years experience in both nurturing successful art careers and flourishing art collections Anita Traverso Gallery is vehement about art and its place in one’s life.
The gift registry is a unique opportunity to acquire the ultimate gift for one’s home or workplace, and one’s heart of course.
Our carefully-selected artworks by accomplished artists has often been the source for both novice and established private, public and corporate collectors.
The selection comprises a diversity of disciplines using conventional and experimental mediums; including works on paper, photography, sculpture and painting, sumi ink, rice paper, textile and encaustic to name a few.

Consider the ATG Gift Registry for your next occasion, be it wedding, birthday, anniversary or any milestone deserving of a gift with perennial significance.

To set up a gift registry simply fill out the form on the right hand side or call us directly on 0408 534 034 for further information.

To set up a gift registry please fill in the Gift Registry form

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