Light of Line

1 - 25 November 2006
The wire sculptures are largely process-based works. The works were originally inspired by the play of light on water that you enjoy in the quietness of underwater swimming. The loose grid structures are a representation of light when refracted through moving water. The translation from such fluid beginnings into steel is in some ways problematic, however the material enables depth in the works, allowing me to work in relief as well as ‘in the round’.

Steel carries with it longstanding associations with landscape; the structures that I make recall familiar natural and ephemeral structures. The rigidity of the mild steel allows direct handwork in the making process, whereby each join is achieved through a simple single twist. There is no soldering.

Through the introduction of curved line and voids within the relief structures there has been an expansion of the initial ideas and practice. Working within clear parameters I am focused upon formal aesthetic decisions whilst making these works, able to play with the light and line created, drawing in space.
To view available works from this series please make your enquiry through the contact page.