Found + Fabricated II

The work created for this exhibition follows a period of change. Change of environment over an extended period of travel largely through rural Australia and the relocation of home and studio. The travel provided the opportunity to collect new material in found objects and experiences. With the physical changes behind and the new studio a joy to work in, my process of making objects builds on my previous work, hence the title ‘Found and Fabricated II.

The sculptures in this exhibition are made using a diverse collection of materials and techniques from poplar to Petri dishes, old tins to fabricated steel, laser cut timber to fine metalwork. The making process is a dialogue with the materials, the concept, techniques of construction and follows an intuitive response to all of these. At times there is a concept that I wish to express using the materials at hand and at other times I follow the material’s lead and allow the piece to develop on its own terms. The pieces when completed have their own independent identity.

As with a poem the titles of the sculptures offer a space within which to contemplate the work. The viewer with their own experiences and language interpret and respond to the pieces from that perspective.
To view available works from this series please make your enquiry through the contact page.