My New Horizons

4 - 28 March 2009
’horizon’ 1. line at which earth and sky appear to meet; apparent, sensible, visible, circle, where earth’s surface touches a cone whose vertex is at observer’s eye; ARTIFICIAL horizon, celestial, rational, true, great circle of celestial sphere, plane of which passes through the centre of earth and is parallel to that of apparent horizon of a place 2. Limit of mental perception, experience, interest etc.’
As defined by The Concise Oxford Dictionary

Commonly, the horizon is where the sky meets the sea. It ’s as far as your eyes can carry you. But a horizon is more than a physical phenomenon – it’s a state of mind. It ’s where your imagination begins. Beyond the horizon, there is always something more. Throughout history, we’ve been fascinated by what lies beyond the horizon. When people thought the world was flat, crusaders set off to find the unexplored, the unknown ‐ not knowing if they’d return. The horizon is a new beginning, with new possibilities – it involves faith. It represents hopes, fears and expectations. To broaden your horizons is to encounter these feelings. I have always found it difficult to name my works. A name for the series comes more easily.

These scenes are views mainly from our bedroom window. A view that I had no say in when it was chosen. I chose the person, who presented me with this view. We share a lot of other views too, although sometimes we view things differently. This horizon isn’t vast but it is very profound. This series consists of photographs taken during several periods over the last two years. I have explored my new horizons in different light, under variable circumstances, at different times, both in a calendar sense and in an emotional manner. The only ’filters’ I have used, are my life experiences. I certainly think my horizons have broadened immensely since I first tried to see through the stained glass, past the cobwebs. Only when you start looking do you begin to see.

Onerva Utriainen, 2009
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