Natural Order

26 November - 20 December 2008
Stefan Gevers’ new series of two and three-dimensional works seeks to illustrate the Natural Order that is often overlooked but evident in our existing landscapes.

Gevers’ inspiration for this series is borne by his many road trips, during which he ponders the “temporary nature of man-made materials”. Doomed for a slow but inevitable expiration Gevers’ subjects are part of a narrative observed and edited as he prepares his adaptation. Through stark and bold imagery we are afforded witness to the things abandoned at the mercy of the overpowering and ultimately unbeatable force of nature itself.

Formally trained in the Netherlands, Stefan Gevers’ work typifies the creative and design style of his original homeland with his approach to minimalism and subtraction. The forms and textures of the landscape are ultimately reduced to few but exact colour planes, resulting in a graphically-stylised painting reminiscent of a pop art screen print.
To view available works from this series please make your enquiry through the contact page.