James Tapscott

A Momentary Lapse of Darkness

26 March - 27 April 2013
My current body of work explores the link between matter and energy, a fusion of subjective and objective reality, and the effect our perception has on our understanding of the world around us. My works are often non-objective, functioning as a conduit between the observer and the environment, to facilitate an exchange. By using simple materials, and light I seek to create a balance between a ritualistic artistic process and natural phenomena. The forms I create are simple, elegant – without baggage.

They enable the viewer to experience the work in a state of nameless non-objectification, if only for the briefest of moments. This primal interaction empowers one to transcend language and embrace the potential to remove all boundaries between self and subject… To see a little more today than they did yesterday. While being energy efficient and environmentally sensitive my works with their temporal, ephemeral nature strive to remind us of the same traits that our world subtly communicates to us, through the changing of the seasons, through the shifts in climate and topography, that our world exists in time more than space, that like my work it can live on through documentation; a memory of an event, a record of a happening, something that, even if repeated, will never be the same.
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