Of Remnant Tracts

[ gallery 2 ] 29 October - 23 November 2013

Winner of the aerial category in the New York - based International Photography Awards, photographer MELISSA POWELL, joins EWEN ROSS, renowned mixed media artist, for a collaborative look at the Australian landscape, predominantly the Wimmera, through their respective practices. Taking the aerial view as their point of departure each explores the textures and colours, as well as remaining traces of life and natural phenomena visible across the land. Balancing between the imagined and the factual, these two artists create a dialogue on the relationship one has with the Australian landscape and its role as a constant reminder to the Australian identity.  

“I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of space. We live in a vast, almost infinite country, one we perceive as being dry and harsh, yet the reality is, our land is ever changing. A kaleidoscope of sometimes dramatic, sometimes subtle colour, plays out before our eyes as the seasons change. I’m constantly drawn to photographing these changes from above, capturing the earth’s paintings whether natural or man-made, and the remnants of the past that exist in the current state.” - Melissa Powell

To view available works from this series please make your enquiry through the contact page.